Freedom Park Foundation

Dedicated to honoring the fallen soldiers of Oneida County.

Stories of the Fallen

We curate stories about our fallen soldiers of Oneida County and place them here for all to read about. Here are our most recently added stories.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to remember the fallen and to comfort and respect the families left behind.

Built from Donations

Freedom Park was built by fundraisers and donations, no government funding was given to us. It is the people of Oneida County and beyond who so generously supported us in building Freedom Park.

Honoring Oneida County

Freedom Park is a place where the fallen of Oneida County are honored. It is our goal to build two more walls, one for the fallen of World War I and one for the fallen of World War II. We will continue to work to make sure all those who scarified their lives for our country will always be honored and remembered.

Make a Contribution

We are able to honor our Oneida County Fallen Soldiers only through generous donations and fundraisers. Donations are needed to keep us going.