Freedom Park Foundation Inc.

Honoring Oneida County’s Fallen Soldiers


Our compassion has always been and will always be for the families of the fallen. Their pain will never go away and it is important for them to know that we will never let their loved ones be forgotten.


The fallen and their families will always have our deepest respect. These young men left everything they knew and loved to go to war for our country. They put their lives on the line for us. They are our Heroes.


This is what Freedom Park is all about, honoring our fallen. The Park, the Walls, getting their stories out there, it has all been done to honor them.


This is our mission, that these brave young men will always be remembered. They are more than names on a wall and we want everyone to know who they were.

Frank Bergin


Jennifer Armstrong

Public Relations

Dorothy Fey

Vice President

Yvonne Bergin


Laurie Waldron

Secretary / Treasurer

Help Us Out

We are able to honor our Oneida County Fallen Soldiers only through generous donations and fundraisers. Donations are needed to keep us going.