US Army Pvt Walter T. Warshal



The History

US Army Pvt Walter T. Warshal was killed in action while fighting the enemy near Hoengsong, South Korea on February 13, 1951. He was 25 years old.



The Family

Pvt Warshal was from Clinton, NY.  He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Warshal.  He had four brothers, Peter, Joseph, Henry and John and one sister, Mrs. Frances Prozny who lived in Rome, NY.


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More Story

Pvt. Warshal had been in Korea since December 2, 1950.  On February 13, 1951 Pvt Warshal was taken prisoner and later killed in captivity.  His body was returned in July of 1952.



And More

Pvt. Walter T. Warshal proudly served with the 82nd Anti-aircraft Artillery AW Battalion, 2nd Infantry Division of the United States Army.


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