US Army Specialist Jerry Dewain Evans



The History

US Army Spc. Jerry Dewain Evans was killed in action in Vietnam while performing a heroic act of bravery on February 23, 1968.  He was 23 years old.



The Family

US Army Spc. Jerry Dewain Evans was from Holland Patent, NY.  He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Evans.  He had two brothers Jay and James and one sister, Mrs. David (Judy) White.


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More Story

Army Spc. Jerry Dewain Evans died while trying to save his comrades.  His company was immobilized by heavy enemy sniper fire from one of the bunker complexes.  Realizing his unit would suffer heavy casualties unless they moved, Spc. Evans maneuvered across the bullet swept terrain in front of the bunker from which his unit was receiving the most intense fire.  Without regard to his personal safety he mounted the fortifications roof and fired inside the emplacement eliminating four enemy troops.  Moving back from the bunker, Spc. Evans was mortally wounded by sniper fire from another fortified position.



And More

US Army Spc. Jerry Dewain Evans was Posthumously awarded The Distinguished Service Cross, the Air Medal, the Purple Heart, the Good Conduct Medal and the Combat Infantry Badge.  He served with the 1st Cavalry Division and he is buried in the Westernville Cemetery.


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