US Army Specialist 5th Class Philip Bradford Terrill





The History

US Army SP5 Philip Bradford Terrill was taken prisoner in Vietnam on March 31, 1971.  He had been wounded during the capture and died in captivity.  He was 23 years old.  His body was never returned.



The Family

US Army SP5 Philip Bradford Terrill was from New Hartford, NY.  He was the son of Harold and Charlotte Goodwin Terrill.  He had one brother, Harold “Fred’ and two sisters, Charlotte and Natalie.


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More Story

On March 31, 1971 during a fierce battle in Vietnam, SP5 Philip Bradford Terrill and SFC James Salley, Jr. were captured by the enemy.  SP5 Terrill was wounded during the attack.  A full scale search and recovery was launched but the two soldiers were not found.  It was not until early April of 1973 that the National Liberation Radio and Radio Hanoi broadcasted information about that battle and indicated that the two soldiers were captured.  In June of 1973 the Viet Cong released a list of names of American Prisoners of War, the list included PFC James Salley as having died during captivity but made no mention of SP5 Philip Bradford Terrill.  US Army SSgt. David Allwine was one of the prisoners held with SFC James Salley, Jr.  Before his death SFC James Salley told SSgt. Allwine that SP5 Philip Bradford Terrill had died of his wounds while being moved to the Prison Camp and was buried along the trail.



And More

US Army SP5 Philip Bradford Terrill was a kid from New Hartford who wanted to serve his country. He graduated from New Hartford High School and attended BOCES where he studied woodworking which became a love of his and something he was very good at.  His family will never heal from the pain of this loss.  And Freedom Park will never let Philip be forgotten.  We honor you US Army SP5 Philip Bradford Terrill, you served our country bravely and honorably.  You are a hero.


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