USMC SSGT Joseph Stanley Zawtocki, Jr.

The History

USMC SSGT Joseph Stanley Zawtocki, Jr. was captured and died in a prison camp in Vietnam on December 24, 1969.  He was 23 years old.

The Family

USMC SSGT Joseph Stanley Zawtocki, Jr. was raised in Little Falls, NY. His family moved to Utica.  He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Stanley (Jennie) Zawtocki, Sr.  He had three sisters, Patricia Zawtocki Palladino, Donna and Tina.

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More Story

SSGT Zawtocki served in the Marine Corp in Vietnam for one tour of duty.  He came home and decided to re-enlist in the Marines and go back to Vietnam.  He loved the Vietnamese people, especially the children, and he wanted to help them.  Four months after returning to Vietnam he was captured in 1968.  He died of malnutrition on Christmas Eve, 1969.

And More

It took 17 years from the time SSGT Zawtocki was captured until his remains were returned to the United States. His family went through extraordinary pain and sorrow.  He was buried in Arlington National Cemetery among all the heroes on November 12, 1985.  He was known as ‘Stash’.  Rest in Peace, Stash, you honored our country and the innocent people of Vietnam.  Freedom Park will never forget you.

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